The LEAD Program

Career Building / Life Building Courses

These six-session courses are offered at Hera Hub
in Washington, D.C.

Directed by Iris Krasnow, bestselling author of books on relationships and a writing professor at American University, the non-credit Lifelong Education And Professional Development (LEAD) Program provides adult learners with the impetus and writing/communication skills to help guide them through significant transitions in their personal and professional lives.

Participation in these courses help students make empowered choices as changes arise in family structures, with the growing independence of children, a return to the workplace and/or a desire to shift careers. Taught in an intimate setting, LEAD embraces students in a warm community with like-minded adult women who empower each other through personal and professional transitions.

Classes are kept small, so enroll ASAP on this link. Questions can be directed to:

Cost: $550 for six classes.

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Coming in January – At Hera Hub in Washington, D.C.

5028 Wisconsin Ave NW #100, Washington, DC 20016

Write Well: For Memoirs, Blogs, Magazines

Taught by Iris Krasnow,
American University professor, Huffington Post columnist and bestselling author, described on

Tuesdays: 6 - 8 pm. January 10 – February 14, 2017

Write Well is designed to teach the fundamentals of journalistic, clear writing in a variety of forms –– journaling, memoirs, personal essays, blogs, opinion pieces –– as well as how to market stories for publication. While students will analyze a variety of works by well-known writers, the heart of the course is about developing YOUR voice and expressing that voice in clear and powerful sentences.

This is a perfect course for students interested in writing memoirs.

Writing enriches our lives in so many way, it sharpens our minds and excavates our emotions and spirits, which ultimately leads to healing and growth. Write Well also offers instruction in the media pitching processes that includes writing a book proposal, as well as a broad overview of all publishing opportunities, including self-publishing.

Transformations: The Empowered Next Step

Taught by Iris Krasnow

Lunch Seminar, Tuesdays: 11:00 am to 12:45 pm. February 14 – March 21, 2017

Who do you want to be in 2017? What unfulfilled goals do you want to achieve? How can you restore playfulness and creativity into your work-family responsibilities? What's standing in your way?

Students will focus on these crucial questions that are roadblocks to becoming our best and most empowered selves. In the New Year, we are glaringly reminded of dreams we cast aside because we were saddled with other responsibilities. With weekly writings, break-out sessions and group exercises, this course promise to work on the crucial bones of our lives – mind and spirit.

Learning Outcomes:

While there will be plenty of readings by and about women the most important voices in this course are yours. Each week students will prepare journal entries to read in class that spin out of the weekly topics of discussion. As you analyze the hurdles of life transitions sparked by the voices of others, you will achieve clarity on the choices you will face yourself during the inevitable gearshifts in your lives, to include renewed focus on:

  • Inspired career changes
  • Shifts in personal and family structures
  • Strengthened writing and communication skills
  • Avenues of spiritual growth
  • Confidence in public speaking

Fundamentals of Digital and Social Media

Taught by Pam Holland

Pam is the Founder of TechMoxie, LLC., a technology coaching, instruction and support company that specializes in helping 'grown-ups' master technology. Learn more about Pam and her company here:

Thursdays: 6-8 pm. January 26 - March 2, 2017

Social media and digital media has become critical in our professional and personal lives. We need to understand how to use such sites as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to establish a compelling online presence for promoting job skills, business ventures and/or social causes. Social and digital media is also necessary to gather information for business, publishing, updates on news stories and for research projects.

This course will systematically review these important social media tools to understand mechanics, privacy considerations, best practices for creating a profile, posting content, and building connections. This course will also cover blogs and websites for building businesses and brands, as well as other digital platforms for direct email communication such as Mailchimp.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Proficiency in navigating key social media sites, and a methodology to approach new social/digital media.
  • Research skills to mine information from social media and digital platforms.
  • Social media profile and brand-building skills, to include creation of websites and blogs.
  • Strategies to maximize and engage your audience organically, options for paid outreach/advertising and analytics to measure results.
  • Understanding of tools available for managing and capturing contacts.
  • Increased technology confidence all-around!

At The Key School, Annapolis, Maryland

534 Hillsmere Drive, Annapolis, Maryland 21403

Write Well: For Memoirs, Blogs, Magazines

(See Course Descrption Above)

LUNCH SEMINAR – Taught by Iris Krasnow
Wednesdays: Noon to 1:30 p.m. February 15 - March 22, 2017

Lunch will be served!

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$550 per course. Enroll today as classes are kept small.
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