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“Sex After...” Print & Online Articles

Washington Post Magazine

'Sex After ... ' author Iris Krasnow:
'Never TMI for me'

Washington Post Magazine
April 6, 2014

Time Magazine Online

When It Comes to Sex, Our Seventies Are Our New Twenties
February 27, 2014

Senior Planet / Aging With Attitude

Challenges to Intimacy: Iris Krasnow on Sex After 60, 70, 80

Senior Planet
March 2014

Chesapeake Inspired

Does Sex Get Better With Age?

April 2014

Women's Health

Three Must-Read Sex Secrets from Women Over 70

Women's Health
February 2014

BBC World Service

Las mujeres mayores de 70 años “Tienen el Mejor sexo de su vida”

BBC World
February 25, 2014


These Confessions From Women In Their Eighties Will Challenge Your Views On Sexuality
February 6, 2014


Women in Their 70's Say They're Having Way Hotter Sex Than You
February 5, 2014

Good Reads

Best selling author of The Secret Lives of Wives Offers a refreshingly straight forward guide to enjoying a long, satisfying sex life
February 6, 2014

Spirituality & Health

How women really feel about intimacy – from their text-Driven 20's to their golden years

Spirituality & Health Magazine
January/February 2014



Widows Peak: Women over 70 are having the best sex of their lives
February 4, 2014

USA Today

As women age, sexuality changes but does not disappear

Feb 12, 2014

Sex after illness, loss and infidelity
February 12, 2014

Wall Street Journal: Speakeasy

Valentine's Day: Five Ways to Keep the Intimacy in Your Marriage

Wall Street
February 2, 2014

Annapolis Capital

Annapolis woman writes about sex in new book

Annapolis Capital
February 16, 2014

WBUR Boston

Some 70-Something Women Having 'Best Sex Ever'? Really? (Yes.)
February 14, 2014

Kirkus Reviews

Journalist Krasnow shares the skinny on women's sex lives

Kirkus Reviews
December 15, 2013

Publishers Weekly

Sex After… Women Share How Intimacy Changes As Life Changes

Publishers Weekly
December 2, 2013