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Surrendering To Motherhood

Losing Your Mind, Finding Your Soul

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Surrendering To Motherhood – Losing Your Mind, Finding Your Soul is a life-changing book that send a message to the author’s own generation of women programmed to “have it all,” great jobs and great families.

As her provocative and passionate book unfolds, Krasnow shows readers through personal experiences and powerful ancedotes the importance of streamlining big careers, so they can savor this moment while their children are young and growing. Her underlying message is this: The fleeing moment of childhood is over in a fingersnap, so don’t miss that magical time.

“We can always go back to our big jobs; we can never go back to the times when our children were young and needy. Soon, too soon, your cuddly babies will be stubble-faced teenagers going off to college. So be there, now, as much as you can,” writes Krasnow, formerly the national feature writer for United Press International.

Now an author and professor in the School of Communications at American University, Krasnow left her job in daily journalism when, at the age of 39, she gave birth to twins and she and her husband were suddenly parents of four sons, ages three and under. Her children captured her, forcing her to, happily, climb down the ladder into her messy kitchen and living room As she writes: “Having small kids is like the last day of summer vacation, when you are savoring ever second coming at you, when you merge with that wonderful, intense, central part of Being — the sun on your face, the sand at your feet. My children finally forced me to stop, to be present in the present, and to be happy at that destination. Immersed in the glory of my kids, I abandoned the relentless desire to climb higher and higher.”

This books shows others how to surrender to what Krasnow calls “the spectacular cacophony” of our kids.


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Press Reviews

“Without a doubt, the significant role of a mother has no substitute and is the highest and most notable of positions. These pages follow the author’s remarkable journey into motherhood as she travel from doubt and confusion into understanding and acceptance. A profound, moving odyssey!”

Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

“At the heart of Krasnow’s book is the quintessential question all of us struggle with: Am I the best mother I can possibly be? ... that struggle revolves around the balance between work and family.”

Barbara F. Meltz, The Boston Globe

“As Krasnow sees it, running a household is “the core element of feminism: power, independence, and freedom.”

Rebecca Carr, Chicago Magazine

“To be sure, the tug-of-war between parenthood and career is the central angst among Krasnow’s generation of women. And in Surrender, Krasnow discovers she can’t win without letting go of one side of the rope.”

Marney Rich Keenan, The Detroit News